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Metal Frame Reading Glasses with Spring Hinges   

Power: from 100 to 400, 25 degrees increment  single power per dozen        

Menís style color assortment: Gold, Silver, Gunmetal, Tan, Black. 

Womenís style color assortment: Rose, Blue, Gold, Silver, Tan

Metal Frame Reading Glasses -4  (*)                                                                                                                                       

Spring hinge               Power: 100 ŗ 400, 25 degree step single power per dozen        


       R202                                R203                              R207                               R209                               R311 



       R305                        R212                         R817                        R818                      R819                         R304



      R2039                         R801                            R208                          R105 


              R205                                 R815                         

    Power: 100 ŗ 400, 25 degree step

 (Menís style color assortment: Gold, Silver, Gunmetal, Tan, Black. Womenís style color assortment: Rose, Blue, Gold, Silver, Tan)

Reading Glasses Ė 4 A & B     Assorted power                               A. power from 100 to 400 in a dozen

                                                                       spring hinge                                      B. power from 100 to 275 in a dozen


R202A or B                                        R203A or B                        R209A or B                               R212A or B                R304A or B



R305A or B                                       R801A or B                             R2039A or B                      R818A or B        


Reading Glasses RN-R2   (assorted styles and colors, 12 different powers from 100 -350 mixed per dozen)    



 (*) all styles come with the plastic bag that can be easily hung on any store display hooks! or you can just simple take them out and put them on eyeglasses display. Yes, we sell the display too!

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